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Congratulations to our 2022 Arena Saddles Sportsmanship Award recipient

This year Arena Saddles was on a mission to find a remarkable equestrian deserving to be rewarded for their selflessness and positive influence within the equestrian community, both in and out of the arena. 

We’re thrilled to announce that we found just that. When it comes to recognising excellence in equestrian sports, our hearts swell with pride. This year we are delighted to announce Catherine H as the deserving recipient of the 2022 Arena Saddles Sportsmanship Award and has won an Arena saddle of her choice. 

This incredible community heroine is always the go-to person when someone needs help or advice, clearly harbouring a love for helping others and giving back to her community. Catherine was nominated not once but multiple times, highlighting her consistently extraordinary moments of selflessness, kindness, integrity and civility in any equestrian setting. 

Beyond assisting her immediate equestrian community, Catherine regularly organises events to raise money for charities. This included raising over £35 000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, over £5000 for New Beginnings Racehorses and more. It’s wonderful to see equestrians creating opportunities for others. 

We congratulate our five deserving runners-up: Cory, Grace, Kate, Keighley and Stacey (not pictured). All sincere equine lovers, from riders, trainers and coaches to fundraising and master multitaskers’, we are proud that these amazing individuals have been recognised for their efforts by their equestrian community and hope they enjoy their Arena Saddle Bag prize.

Kate with Tink, Cory with Miguel, Keighley with Oscar and Grace with Remy.

We thank Catherine and our runners-up for being great representatives of our wonderful sport. We’re delighted to be a part of such a kind community. We hope they all continue inspiring others with their positive attitude towards horses and people alike.


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