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Care Instructions

Beautifully styled with meticulous attention to detail, you will turn heads in any Arena while being confident that your saddle is comfortable for you and your horse.

Looking after your leather

Classically crafted from European leather, you will appreciate the elegance and quality of your new Arena saddle and the beauty of its natural leather*. Any visible markings in the leather are completely normal and are a natural characteristic of the hides.

To help to keep your saddle in top condition it is important to clean and dress your saddle regularly. We recommend using a glycerine saddle soap for cleaning, and dressing your saddle with a wax-based balsam prior to its first use (and regularly thereafter) as this helps to seal in the moisture and protect it from sweat, wear and tear.

*Your Arena saddle features man-made technical linings for improved resistance to wear.


  • The use of any oil-based leather care products are never recommended for use on Arena Saddles products. 
  • Some gel pads may react with technical linings on saddles. It is not recommended to use gel pads in direct contact with your saddle.
  • Small leather products such as your stirrup leathers, bridles or reins, may need a lighter care program to ensure the leather doesn't become too soft. 
  • If your Arena saddle is fitted with moveable knee blocks, they should be moved from their packing location (usually upside down) to suit your individual riding position prior to use.