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Sportsmanship Award

Nominate a remarkable equestrian who deserves to be honoured with an Arena saddle to help them to achieve their dreams!

About the Award

Our equestrian community is a place where we can be ourselves, where we can feel supported and lifted by our peers and where we can work together to achieve our dreams.

In recognition of the values of our community, we are on the lookout for extraordinary moments of selflessness, kindness, integrity, and civility in equestrianism.

About the Winner

The winner will be someone who displays exceptional sportsmanship such as handling victory and defeat with grace and dignity, treating everyone with fairness and courtesy and setting an example by creating a positive and encouraging environment.

The winner will receive an Arena saddle of their choice to catapult their equestrian dreams, and five runners up will receive a recognition prize of an Arena Saddle Bag.

If you know of a remarkable equestrian who should be honoured, lodge your nomination by 30 November 2022.

2022 Arena Saddles Sportsmanship Award


Specific Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions